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Feasibility Study- 39th Avenue Storm Water Pond - City of Owatonna, MN

Sanitary Sewer Home Sump Pump Inspections - City of LeRoy, MN

Cost Analysis- Iron Removal Filter - City of Glenville, MN

Doyle Avenue/Consul Street & Utility Design - City of Albert Lea, MN

Feasibility Study- I/I Reduction and Street Reconstruction - City of Easton, MN

Wastewater Collection System: City Wide system - City of Congor

Private Sewer Hookups to Homes/Septic Tank Removal - City of Congor, MN

Sanitary Sewer Feasibility Study- Jones Parcel - City of Albert Lea, MN

Feasibility Report- Rypka Pond & Storm Water Project - City of Owatonna, MN

Feasibility Study- Railway & Mill Street Project - City of Brownsdale, MN

Wedgewood Road Utility and Street Realignment

Filter Backwash Reroute Study and Design - City of Easton, MN

Woodhaven Wastewater Feasibility Study - City of Austin, MN

Shania/Cedar Street & Utility Improvements - City of Brownsdale, MN

Iron Removal Filter & Backwash Tank - City of Emmons, MN

1st/2nd Street and 1st/2nd Avenue Street Improvements - City of Clark's Grove, MN

Atkins/Everett Street & Utility Reconstruction - City of LeRoy, MN

Control Structure Repairs at Stabilization Ponds -City of Clarks Grove, MN

I/I Flow Monitoring and Study - City of Geneva, MN

Watermain Looping Project - City of New Richland, MN

Habben Industrial Park Retention Pond Project - City of Albert Lea, MN

Control Structure Repairs at Stabilization Ponds - City of Geneva, MN

Photo credit Dorothy Krob

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